Friday, May 15, 2009

Kefir! More good news!

Recently I read a Thesis by Jillian Elizabeth Powell about Kefir titled, "Bacteriocins and Bacteriocin Producers Present in Kefir and Kefir Grains."

In the thesis the author notes that kefir is a symbiotic colony of yeasts and bacteria. She makes a list of the microorganisms commonly found in kefir, produced as the kefir multiplies. These microorganisms enter the milk during the fermentation process, where they continue to multiply. As I counted the list, there are 36 listed species and subspecies found in kefir, which may vary according to the strain and other criteria. The author notes kefir is anti-tumor, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-mycotic, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory. Kefir is also filled with essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids. These can promote healing, cell growth and aid in the maintenance of the body functions resulting in increased energy. The proteins in kefir are partially digested and more easily utilized and when consumed, aid in digestion.

WOW! Thanks to this information, I will be serving up double-portions today! I have read countless testimonies of kefir and will add to them this new-found knowledge.

Update: My mother is now a kefir addict! I shared the culture with her and she started drinking it daily. Sometime later she has learned that if she misses 2 days in a row, her migrane headaches come back. She now drinks her kefir faithfully and is migrane-free! (This benefit has come with a dose of about 1/3 cup per day.)

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