Friday, April 3, 2009

Making Kefir

We have been enjoying Kefir in our family for several months now. A friend shared her extra grains with us and they have multiplied enough in the last 3 months that we have been able to share with several other families.

Kefir instructions: (These instructions apply to kefir which feeds on milk, not water kefir or tibicos which feeds on sugar-water.)

- place about 1 teaspoon of kefir grains in glass jar
- cover with one cup milk
- leave at room temperature to ferment 24 hours, covered, occasionally stir or shake
- pour through plastic or silicone sieve to separate grains from the cultured milk product (or fish out with wooden or silicone/plastic spoon)
- Resist the temptation to rinse the grains, as this is know to adversely affect their growth

At this point you should replace the milk and ferment again. If you use an airtight lid, you will have to occasionally burp your culture, as it generates some carbonation during the fermenting process.

Kefir Smoothies


Kefir cultured milk product, about 1 cup
fresh fruit
1 teaspoon raw honey

Blend together and drink.

On Dom's Kefir website he notes that kefir has been found to be anti-inflammatory. One must consume at least 1/3 cup kefir daily for a week to realize these benefits.

Our story goes thus - My husband is a contractor who refuses to try new foods. He hurt his shoulder and only with difficulty could he lift and rotate his arm. This made work very difficult for him. He suffered for two months and the shoulder would not heal. Finally, after reading the above information about kefir on Dom's website I persuaded him to try it. Within three days his shoulder pain ceased and the shoulder has healed. Two weeks later he attended a gun training course at Frontsight which put strain on that arm. I admit, I was worried but he made it through pain-free. We are all now kefir addicts. If Daddy will drink it, so will everyone else. Now, my kids want it breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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